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Cleaning Your Glasses

Cleaning your glasses lenses is a daily occurrence. You might find yourself cleaning your glasses multiple times per day. This is especially true if you have an antireflective coating. It is common for facial oils to get on your lenses cause smudges. This can be very frustrating. However, using a good cleaning technique will help prevent scratches on your lenses and will make you lenses crystal clear.



What do I need to clean my glasses?


1. Warm clean water (faucet water)

2. Soap (mild detergent soap, like Dawn)

3. 100% soft cotton towel or microfiber cloth

4. 2 minutes of your day



What are the steps to clean my glasses?



1. Take your glasses and run warm water over the lenses.

2. Use a mild soap, like Dawn, that does not have any additives or moisturizers.

3. Put 1-2 drops of soap on the front and back of each lens.· Don’t use much.

4. Now use your fingers and gently clean both side of your lenses.

5. Continue gently rubbing your lenses under running warm water to rinse all the soap off your lenses.

6. Use a clean 100% soft cotton towel or a clean microfiber cloth dry off your glasses.

7. Enjoy crystal clear scratch free lenses.





• Launder you
r microfiber cloth weekly to keep it clean (do not use fabric softener.)

• Never use your shirts to clean your lenses.· Shirts have oil, sweat, and dirt and the

fabric material is often abrasive which can scratch your lenses.

• Never use paper towels or other abrasive material to dry your glasses.

• Never use abrasive or moisturizing soap to clean your lenses.

• If your lenses are very dirty make sure you use plenty of clean water initially so clean off the large debris



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