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Types of Laser Eye Surgery in the Military
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 01:23


What type of laser eye surgery does the military do?


The military does various forms of refractive surgery (laser surgery.) The two most common refractive techniques are PRK and LASIK. The military tends to do about 80% PRK and 20% LASIK.

There are advantages and disadvantages with both PRK and LASIK.







Less complications



Slower recovery

More discomfort (can be very painful for 2-3 days)

Corneal Haze






Faster recovery

Less Discomfort

Less Follow up

Enhancements easier



Increase risk and complication

Flap complications/displacement


PRK vs. LASIK (based off of military data)


Pain Little to No pain
Less surgical Risk More surgical rise
Slower Recovery Quicker recovery
80% 20/20 initially 80% 20/20 initially
Possible Haze No Haze
No Flap Flap (possible complications)
0.3 % risk of visual < 20/30 0.3 % risk of visual < 20/30




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