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Macular Hole
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What is a Macular Hole? What is the treatment for a Macular Hole?


A macular hole is a retinal defect in the macula, the center of one’s vision. A patient can experience a significant loss of their central vision. The causes of a macular hole include: trauma, retinal membranes, and many time this condition just happens spontaneously with no reason. There are different stages of a macular hole, stage 1 (mild) to stage 4 (complete). Treatment options depend on the stage of the macular hole. These include no treatment for stage 1 to surgical treatment for more advance stages.

The surgical treatment often includes a vitrectomy (removing the clear fluid from the center of the eye), peeling off any membranes from the retina, and/or injecting gas into one’s eye. If a patient receives a gas injection they will be required to keep their head in a face down position for up to two weeks. Also, no airplane travel is allowed. The success rate of improving one’s vision is often good with these procedures.




Surgically removing clear fluid from the center of the eye (vitrectomy)

Surgically peeling of membranes from retina

Injection of gas into eye


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