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1 Congenital Glaucoma 2446
2 Exfoliation Syndrome Glaucoma 2239
3 Glaucomatocyclitic Crisis 5131
4 Pigment Dispersion Glaucoma 2789
5 Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma 1941
6 Primary Open Angle Glaucoma 2354
7 Steroid Responsive Glaucoma 3861
8 Traumatic Glaucoma 2496
9 Uveitic Glaucoma 3860

Why does my child have a white pupil (leukocoria)?

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What Eyelid Hot Compresses Can Do for You

It is very common for eye care professionals to recommend hot compresses for eye lid diseases. Some of the more ... Read more.

What is a lazy eye?

  A lazy eye is a broad term used to describe an eye with decrease vision from childhood. This is al... Read more.


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